Sparky. 27. UK
In high school I was voted most likely to be a mental patient, hill-billy or chimpanzee.

Addictions: Adventure Time, Warehouse13, Elementary, MogWorld (Yahtzee Croshaw), Nutella, Two Best Friends Play, Futurama, Calvin and Hobbes, Cowboy Bebop, Watsky, Fanfiction, Video Games, Mass Effect, Michael Marshall Smith, YouTube, Video Games and Butts.

PSN: Mistress_Sparky

Whenever someone mentions something that I’m obsessed with: 


FILED UNDER: except usually it's just an off-handed comment  they don't want to go into a 2 hour conversation about OUAT  they were just saying they caught last nights episode and it was good  they should know better  we're taking this baby apart scene by scene  GPOY  Queued