Sparky. 27. UK
In high school I was voted most likely to be a mental patient, hill-billy or chimpanzee.

Addictions: Adventure Time, Warehouse13, Elementary, MogWorld (Yahtzee Croshaw), Nutella, Two Best Friends Play, Futurama, Calvin and Hobbes, Cowboy Bebop, Watsky, Fanfiction, Video Games, Mass Effect, Michael Marshall Smith, YouTube, Video Games and Butts.

PSN: Mistress_Sparky

FILED UNDER: All the pretty colours  My Head Canon consists of Red/Snow and Ruby/Emma  But I feel like Ruby the more superficial part of Red  the part that rebelled against her captivity  Which makes for a very sexually driven relationship with an also very bold and rebellious Emma  Whereas Red is so much more complex and has much more depth  she almost seems older than her Storybrooke counterpart  This makes for a far deeper and more meaningful relationship with Snow  Making them bonded on a much deeper level  but also I just really don't like Mary Margaret  and therefore don't wish to pair her up with anyone in Storybrooke  Not only because she always interrupts everyone's sexy time  Read the fics people!  it's always her!  Red Snow  Red Riding Hood  Snow White  OUAT  Once Upon a Time  Queued