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Prompt: a RL fic where Emma and Ruby are babysitting Ashley’s baby for the evening. Maybe a fluffy one? 


TITLE: Babies
CHARACTERS: Emma Swan, Ruby (Red Swan, Storybrooke)
RATING: E for Everyone
SUMMARY: Ruby ropes Emma into babysitting Ashley’s daughter while she and Sean spend the day wedding planning. Emma things babies are Terrifying.
NOTES: So, this has been sitting in my ask for, like, three weeks. Sorry Sparky! D: Also, Sparky made a post recently about wanting this sort of thing, so… I hope this works. (Hopefully no crying!) Trying to bully my muse into writing OUAT, since she’s been partying with my RP characters lately. 

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I know I’ve reblogged this before but I’m having Red Swan Domestic feels!

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