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In high school I was voted most likely to be a mental patient, hill-billy or chimpanzee.

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Fandom: Once upon a time

Artist: The Fray

Song: You found me

(Friend)Ships/Characters: Snow/Charming (MM/David), Red/Snow, Ruby/Emma, Regina/Emma, Regina/Daniel, Thomas/Ella (Sean/Ashley), Grumpy/Nova, Rumpel/Belle, Emma/Graham, Emma/August, Abigail/Frederick, August/Marco, Emma/MM, Emma/Henry, Regina/Henry, Snow/the seven dwarfs.

A/N: I haven’t vidded properly in quite a while but I decided to put this together since the theme of ‘finding people’ was quite prominent through season 1. I did however, decide to avoid the pitfall of centering the video entirely around Snowing (though there is quite a bit of them in there). 

FILED UNDER: so beautiful  and so many pairings!  I especially loved the little nod to Red Swan  Snowing  Red Snow  Red Swan  RumBelle  Swan Queen  Emma x Graham  etc etc  OUAT  Once upon a time  Queued