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Emma’s “Oh my god I’m way too old to be walking in on my parents having sex” face appreciation post


Emma’s “Oh my god I’m way too old to be walking in on my parents having sex” face appreciation post

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and we’re doing it right

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i wanna be useful

#the adventures of herp and derp

#OTP: Herp and Derp

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Happy to see you (1/1) 


Just a mini fic about wolf!Ruby acting like an excited puppy. Emma returns from a trip (maybe to find Bae?) and wolf!Ruby is happy to see her. Ruby is in wolf form…because of reasons.

Emma finally managed to disengage herself from Henry and offered Regina a small smile before looking towards her slightly teary eyed mother. All three of them had been waiting for her at the edge of the forest when she’d taken the steps past the barrier and she’d instantly been bombarded with hugs from both Henry and Snow. Regina had been more reserved of course but Emma could see that she was glad to have her back. “I’d hate to see what you’d be like if I left for a month.”

Snow looked horrified by the statement. “A week is more than long enough.” Unable to hold herself back she stepped forward again and hugged Emma from the side.

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I am sorry… but if people saw this gifset last season, they’d think some ‘crazy Swan Queen’ shippers had hijacked a scene and turned it into a fake Swan Queen one. 

I can’t actually believe this is happening. 

Emma, you just told Cora you have a child with Regina. I can not even. 

So is Cora going to be all “I have a grandson?” or maybe even be happy that Reginahas a child with the princess of another kingdom? Or is she going to just be like O_o what?

^ All of the above? XD

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Bad Luck Emma

So, today I created a meme while I was supposed to be studying for Sociology. Very productive of me, I think. 

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‘Bad Things’ by Jace Everett
Swan Queen

I loved this song from the first time I watched the opening credits to True Blood, it’s so… naughty! And I’ve wanted to make a fan video to it for almost as long, but I could never find the right pairing. I was dared, no challenged, to make it for Emma Swan and Regina Mills over at the Swan Group I’m part of on Facebook, so Laura Daniels this one is for you.


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Once Upon a Time AU » Superheroes

Emma Swan | Lie Detection: The power to detect lies.

Regina Mills | Magic: The ability to use magical forces to varying degrees.

David Nolan | Psychic Navigation: The power to track people/objects with one’s mind.

Mary Margaret Blanchard | Faunal Communication: The innate power to decipher any animal communication and perform any fluently.

Ruby Lucus | Animal Morphing: The shape-shifting power to transform into animals.

Graham Humbert | Animal Mimicry: The power to mimic the abilities, traits and behaviour of animals.

Jefferson | Object Teleportation: Movement accomplished using a specific object as a doorway.

Archie Hopper | Telepathy: The power to read thoughts.

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Remember that time I Red Swan’d and couldn’t get up?… Yeah.


Remember that time I Red Swan’d and couldn’t get up?… Yeah.

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red jacket

sword fights

true love’s kiss

a wit that bites

she is her father’s daughter

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Will you love me, even with my dark side?

Will you love me, even with my dark side?

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