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In high school I was voted most likely to be a mental patient, hill-billy or chimpanzee.

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OUAT Forbidden Ships - Red Queen
—fuckyeshermajesty’s challenge: Red


OUAT Forbidden Ships - Red Queen

’s challenge: Red
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Calm your tits! D:!


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telling someone with depression to ‘just get over it and be happy’ is like telling someone with a broken leg to run to a hospital. telling someone with an eating-disorder to ‘just eat’ is like telling someone with claustrophobia to get inside a small cupboard and lock the door. telling someone who self-harms to ‘just stop doing it’ is like telling a drug addict to sit in a room full of drugs and touch nothing.  

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Her Royal Snarkness: Adoption in "Once Upon a Time" 


Folks, come sit down for a second. We need to talk. Here, have some cocoa or tea. This is going to be a feminist rant.

I enjoy this show, as many of you know. Mainly because I’m in love with Raphael Sbarge.

But this is something that has been truly bothering…

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