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Apparently, I ship Ruby with everybody, especially the ‘bad girls’. I regret nothing. 

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Once Upon a Time
↳ Ten characters: Ruby/Red (7/10) 
“I sort of found someone in myself that was more than I expected.”

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An open letter to the ‘Once upon a time’ writing staff.

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'I've realised all my life I have been alone' Emma replies holding back tears

'But on that night I made a wish, not to be alone, and I've realised now that I was wishing for you'

As those final words escape her lips Ruby leans in and silences Emma with her own.

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dreamingwithlemurs asked you:
Red Riding Hood/Ruby (or both if you want to do them seperately =P) and Kaylee.

Red/Ruby (I’ll keep them together as they kind of crossover for me anyways):

My same sex otp:

Red Swan (Duh)

My opposite sex otp:

Red/Peter (they were pretty cute together)

My most hated pairing: 

Red Cricket I seriously don’t even understand how that even became popular, it’s all kinds of wrong!

My same sex unusual otp: 

Red Snow, not really unusual I just really like it.

My opposite sex unusual otp: 


My crossover otp:

I am pre-emptively shipping Snow White/Red (Snow White and The Huntsman) while siddymouche gets on writing Snow White and The Huntress.

My brotp/friendship otp:

Ruby/Graham again or maybe Ruby/August, it’s hard to find eligible men who are alive in OUAT.

Character headcanon: 

This one is hard, I’m still sort of in the honeymoon stage of my Red Swan OTP Head Canon so my feels are kind of all over the place but it is certainly something that was sparked between them during the events of Red-Handed when Ruby realised she may have flirted with every guy in town but that was the first time she ever really connected with someone who believed in her. Whereas Emma saw more to her then than just a hot waitress who over does it on the makeup. 

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:


My same sex otp:


My opposite sex otp:

Kaylee/Simon simply because I’m a sucker for a Whedonverse canon pairing

My most hated pairing: 

Kaylee/Zoe not that i’ve ever seen it shipped I just don’t like the thought of Zoe with anyone other than Wash.

My same sex unusual otp: 

Kaylee/River (I know I’ve used it but I think it’s pretty unusual!)

My opposite sex unusual otp: 

Kaylee/Jayne He always seems so protective of her :)

My crossover otp:

I don’t think I’ve ever crossed Firefly with anything.

My brotp/friendship otp:


Character headcanon: 

Kaylee/Simon all the way, they remain one of my top Canon pairings of all time. And a straight one at that!

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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Another piece as meant to be viewed in wallpaper form 1920x1080 or 1440x900 or 1280x800

Another piece as meant to be viewed in wallpaper form 1920x1080 or 1440x900 or 1280x800

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“She’s Little Red Riding Hood..”

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once upon a time meme: ten characters {6/10}
Red Riding Hood/Ruby

I should be out there having adventures with lemurs!

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Shameless Fic request for anyone writing for Red Swan 

I’ve been wanting to see this for a while but I lack the imagination or writing skills to create it and I was wondering if any of you guys could make it.

Basically looking for a fluffy Red Swan fic involving Ruby and Emma babysitting for Alexandra while Ashley and Sean work on wedding plans.

EDIT: It would also be super cute if Emma could be quite anti-baby at first.

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“Once upon a time” characters: Red Riding Hood

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'Once Upon A Time' Scoop: Meghan Ory Promoted  


‘Once Upon A Time’ Scoop: Meghan Ory Promoted

“Once Upon a Time” Meghan Ory has been bumped up to a series regular.

The actress will be added as a series regular in the upcoming second season, reports Deadline. Ory plays Rudy, Storybrooke diner waitress as well as Red Riding Hood in the cursed fairy…

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once upon a time meme | ten characters

ruby/red [1/10]

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