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Is it terrible that I think I just started shipping them?

…I kind of may or may not have done the exact same thing.


Toot toooooot! And Red isn’t wearing red because that was Ruby’s thing. Either that or that is Red’s shirt that Belle is wearing, hense Red’s look. “I smell good on you.” 

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As far as I’m concerned, Ruby left to change into some more work-suitable clothes and came back to help. Yep.

Now all I’m seeing is sweaty!Ruby wearing an oily tank top and a pickaxe slung over her shoulder. Like a lesbian diet coke ad.


As far as I’m concerned, Ruby left to change into some more work-suitable clothes and came back to help. Yep.

Now all I’m seeing is sweaty!Ruby wearing an oily tank top and a pickaxe slung over her shoulder. Like a lesbian diet coke ad.

FILED UNDER: Also my new head canon is that Jared Gilmore wants to be adopted by Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin  because there's a real idol worship going on with Jared and Josh  it's adorable  but yeah more importantly  Ruby  yes good  Once Upon a Time  OUAT  

Ruby and Belle as detectives. Inspired by [x]

Ruby and Belle as detectives. Inspired by [x]

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AU: Red and Kenzi as friends. Kenzi finds out that Red is a wolf. 

“Are you seriously stripping right now?” Kenzi gasped as she watched Red pull off her cloak. “Don’t get me wrong, dude. Any other time, I would be fine with it but we’re kind of in the middle of looking for your friend and…” she trailed off when Red took off at a brisk jog. “Hey, where are you going?” with a groan she rushed to follow her friend. 

“Hold this.” Red ordered. Without breaking her run she glanced over her shoulder and threw her cloak in Kenzi’s direction. 

“Hey!” Kenzi exclaimed as she scrambled to catch the red cloak. “Do I look like some kind of pack mule to you?”

“Keep up.” Red called as she picked up her pace. “Whatever you do don’t let me hurt you. Do whatever you have to do to stop me but do not let me hurt you, okay Kenzi?”

“Rubes, I hate to break it to you but I think it’s safe to say that I could take you.” Kenzi replied breathlessly as she struggled to keep up. 

“The cloak will reverse the effects.” Red continued without so much as acknowledging the fact that Kenzi had spoken. She was in too much of a hurry to make sure that Kenzi knew what to do when she turned. She could already feel herself changing at an alarmingly rapid rate.  ”Just get close and throw it over me.”

“Ruby, what are you…?” Kenzi trailed off as she watched Red propel herself forward into a jump. The girl she had come to know as one of her closest friends changed right in front of her eyes and by the time she landed from her jump she had changed into a full blown wolf. 

“Holy shitballs!” Kenzi exclaimed in shock as she slid to a stop. She watched the wolf run off and broke into a grin. “That was AWESOME!” clutching the cloak tightly she took off after her friend. 

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Follow the fairytale land timeline by the three phases of Red’s cloak: Fully embroidered, embroidery along the edges, and completely plain.

I don’t understand the change in her cloak. Anyone got any theories?

THIS! It really bugs me, for one are all three enchanted?

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Favorite ‘Once Upon a Time’ Outfits #2 | Red Riding Hood - Season 1, Episode 15 “Red-Handed”

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I would totally wear Ruby’s outfit from the OUAT set pictures that are out right now. 

I’m even going shopping with my sis to try and find something like it XD.

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The Ory, on set of Season 2!!!


The Ory, on set of Season 2!!!

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FILED UNDER: And here we see Emma's girlfriend meeting the son for the first time  I can dream can't I?!  Once Upon a Time  OUAT  Meghan Ory  Jared Gilmore  Ruby  Henry Mills  Queued  

FILED UNDER: ASGHSDGJHAD  She looks amazing  her costume is gorgeous  I'm taking notes because I want to buy an outfit just like it  she's got minimal make up  which is AWESOME  as I still have trouble looking at episodes 1-15 Ruby because of drag queen related reasons  her hair rivals Emma's princess curls  FLAWLESS  Meghan Ory  Ruby  Once Upon a Time  OUAT  

Meghan Ory Comic-Con Interview 2012 [X]

FILED UNDER: I've been waiting for this since I saw the pics from this table  excuse me while i flail  Meghan Ory  Ruby  Red Riding Hood  Once Upon a Time  OUAT  SDCC  my only gripe is that Meghan looks uncomfortable  much more uncomfortable than during the panel  she seems nervous without the rest of the cast  Lana come save her!  

Fic: Hoodwinked (OUAT) 


Title: Hoodwinked
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Characters: Red Riding Hood/Ruby, Robin Hood (OFC, sort of), Snow White
Rating: E for Everyone
Summary: Five times Little Red Riding Hood met Robin Hood.
A/N: I’ve been playing around with this version of Robin (who in my head looks like Tabrett Bethell, if anyone wondered) for a while, and finally got around to writing something for it. Incase it’s not clear, the first two parts are set before Red Handed, with three and four set after and five, obviously, is in Storybrooke.

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Red/Ruby Reaction Gifs (39 count) 


“Reaction gifs” means: using a gif to enhance a text post or as a visual aid to help get your point across. It does not mean: Free gifs to post as your own.

PLEASE take a second to look at my rules about using my gifs

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FILED UNDER: This satisfies my ruby feels  but seriously? RULES for using gifs?  Who does that?  I mean fan art yeah  but gifs? what have you done to make them yours?  you ripped them straight from the video and changed the file type?  you don't own that shit!  this has been a rant  Ruby  Red Riding Hood  OUAT  Once Upon a Time