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i wanna be useful

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The Perfect Storm - 1/1 


Title: The Perfect Storm.

Fandom: Once Upon a Time.

Pairing: Red Swan (Ruby/Emma).

Rating: Everybody.

Summary: Emma finds a frightened Ruby at Granny’s Diner during a thunderstorm. Fluffiness ensues.

Word Count: 1,253.

Warnings: Small spoiler for Red-Handed (1.15) inside.

A/N: This was prompted by a lovely anon. Hope you enjoy ^_^

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i wanna be useful

#the adventures of herp and derp

#OTP: Herp and Derp

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Remember that time I Red Swan’d and couldn’t get up?… Yeah.


Remember that time I Red Swan’d and couldn’t get up?… Yeah.

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Fandom: Once upon a time

Artist: The Fray

Song: You found me

(Friend)Ships/Characters: Snow/Charming (MM/David), Red/Snow, Ruby/Emma, Regina/Emma, Regina/Daniel, Thomas/Ella (Sean/Ashley), Grumpy/Nova, Rumpel/Belle, Emma/Graham, Emma/August, Abigail/Frederick, August/Marco, Emma/MM, Emma/Henry, Regina/Henry, Snow/the seven dwarfs.

A/N: I haven’t vidded properly in quite a while but I decided to put this together since the theme of ‘finding people’ was quite prominent through season 1. I did however, decide to avoid the pitfall of centering the video entirely around Snowing (though there is quite a bit of them in there). 

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Red Swan anyone? If I were to ever make a Red Swan fanmix, this is pretty much the first song I’d include. And the title of said fanmix would be something like ‘Something I’ve not seen’ or ‘Infinitely interesting’. 

“Emma was my lemur.”

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Hey so remember when some of my favourite ships all made an appearance in one night?

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For my Ness ♥

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Distraction (1/1) 


Smutty Red Swan fic from a prompt I received a while ago. Rated M for a reason.

Emma narrowed her eyes at the paperwork she had yet to finish. It was already past 9pm and she was still no closer to finishing it than she had been five hours ago, thanks to her distraction.  If she didn’t get home soon Mary Margaret would start to worry about where she was. Emma’s brow furrowed slightly at the thought. She still wasn’t used to people really caring about her whereabouts.  With a shake of her head she blinked down at the words of the report in front of her, forcing herself to focus.


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Serve and Protect: Red Swan, for sure. How about a fic where Dr. Whale attacks Ruby in the cafe and Emma has to save her, he just gives me the creeps for some reason. 


AN: This Anon actually gave me two prompts. This is the first. Don’t worry Anon, I’m getting to your second now!

Emma was working a double shift and wouldn’t get off until late. She knew that Ruby would still be at the diner and she was starving. She dug in her pocket to call her, “Hey Rubes!”

“Emma…” She said in a flirty voice, “What can I do you for?”

“I was wondering if you could get a burger and fries for me?”

“Emma.. you know that the diner closes an hour ago…” Emma could hear her grin.

“Please.” Emma asked in her best baby voice.

“Oh fine!” She chuckled and gave a sigh, “I guess for the Sheriff I can get you food.. you so serve and protect after all.”

Emma grinned, “That I do, Rubes… that I do.”

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Red Swan Fanfic: Biting 


Once upon a Time, Emma/Ruby, Biting

A/N: I never really write Red Swan, but I took a go at it for the porn battle.

“Emma, that feels good…mmm, tickles,” Ruby giggled as Emma lightly grazed her teeth over her shoulder. Ruby was on her hands and knees and Emma kneeled beside her, arms wrapped around her waist and nibbling on all the skin she could reach.  In an effort to get more contact, Ruby plopped down onto her stomach and rolled over. Her bright, excited eyes were wide and kind as Emma shifted over her and on top. She kept up her kissing and nipping, taking Ruby’s stiff nipple into her mouth like a cherry on top of a sundae.

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First love or true love? (2/2) 


So here’s part 2 of ‘First love or true love?’. I’m pretty sure it wraps everything up pretty well but I left room for a sequel. I’m thinking a one shot about the awkwardness between Red/Emma/Snow or a follow up to what possibly happened with Emma and Regina (I didn’t elaborate after all. Not that I’m saying that anything did happen. Just that if I want to go there in a sequel, I could).

But anyway…I hope you guys like it!

Part 2

Snow walked through the front door only to pause two steps into the apartment at the sight of Red curled up in the corner of the couch, her nose buried in a familiar looking red jacket. Snow took her coat off before cautiously approaching.


Red glanced up and Snow noted her tearstained eyes. “Snow.”

“What happened?” Snow asked, taking a seat next to her friend on the couch. “Where’s Emma?”

“I told her.” Red murmured into the jacket she was clutching to her chest.

“Told her what?”

“About us. About how I felt about you…feel about you.” Red answered quietly.

“Oh Red.”

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Prompt: a RL fic where Emma and Ruby are babysitting Ashley’s baby for the evening. Maybe a fluffy one? 


TITLE: Babies
CHARACTERS: Emma Swan, Ruby (Red Swan, Storybrooke)
RATING: E for Everyone
SUMMARY: Ruby ropes Emma into babysitting Ashley’s daughter while she and Sean spend the day wedding planning. Emma things babies are Terrifying.
NOTES: So, this has been sitting in my ask for, like, three weeks. Sorry Sparky! D: Also, Sparky made a post recently about wanting this sort of thing, so… I hope this works. (Hopefully no crying!) Trying to bully my muse into writing OUAT, since she’s been partying with my RP characters lately. 

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I know I’ve reblogged this before but I’m having Red Swan Domestic feels!

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I ship Red Swan and Red Snow pretty much equally though I sometimes favour one over the other (right now for instance, I’m having Red Snow feels after watching ‘Red handed’…again.)

But I just realised that part of my Red Snow headcanon is that Emma is still Snow’s daughter (so she’s still destined to break the curse). That would be okay if it wasn’t for the fact that I elaborate in my headcanon that in order to conceive Emma, Red and Snow go to Rumpelstiltskin for help (as you do) meaning that technically they’re both Emma’s parents.

But I ship Red Swan. 

I think I need to rethink my ‘Domestic Red Snow’ headcanon. 

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