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Go poney Go.

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Okay, hold up. Can we just talk about this moment for a sec? 



Every time I see this gif, I just get so sad, even though it’s supposed to be a ‘happy moment’. I didn’t notice this when I first watched the episode; Look at Ruby’s face just before Snow leans her head against Ruby’s: She looks happy and content that her best friend is back, and then when they touch, her face just crumbles and she looks almost sad. She looks so small and vulnerable, like she could just start crying. She just got Snow back, and she realizes that Snow isn’t her’s anymore; she’s Charming’s. They’re not on the run from the Queen’s men and the angry villagers anymore, and they have more than just each other to depend on now. Snow isn’t her’s, and she isn’t Snow’s.

She’s still trying to look happy, but there’s a crease on her forehead, and her smile drops a little, and her chin is quivering, and her eyes just look so sad. She looks at Granny, and there’s just that “I know she’s not mine.” look on her face, and I assume that Granny had eventually figured out that Ruby loved Snow, and she had to help Ruby realize that Snow loves Charming. And even her smile at the very beginning doesn’t look 100% real; she looks sad during this whole moment. Maybe I’m reading into this way too much, but I can’t be the only one who thinks she looks a little sad, can I?

*gif doesn’t belong to me. it’s saved in my gif folder; idk who it belongs to*

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Henry: What stories? I like stories.

Emma: A little too young for this one, kid.

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And he hurt the woman I love.


And he hurt the woman I love.

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Maybe in another life…

Maybe in another life…

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Red & Snow reunite - Once Upon a Time 2x01

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Fandom: Once upon a time

Artist: The Fray

Song: You found me

(Friend)Ships/Characters: Snow/Charming (MM/David), Red/Snow, Ruby/Emma, Regina/Emma, Regina/Daniel, Thomas/Ella (Sean/Ashley), Grumpy/Nova, Rumpel/Belle, Emma/Graham, Emma/August, Abigail/Frederick, August/Marco, Emma/MM, Emma/Henry, Regina/Henry, Snow/the seven dwarfs.

A/N: I haven’t vidded properly in quite a while but I decided to put this together since the theme of ‘finding people’ was quite prominent through season 1. I did however, decide to avoid the pitfall of centering the video entirely around Snowing (though there is quite a bit of them in there). 

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Casually flailing over Red Snow and Red Snowing with Summer.

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OUAT-Red Snow:I always got your back frosty;)

OUAT-Red Snow:I always got your back frosty;)

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Snow: Red, relax! She’s not going to come in.
Red: She would flay me alive. She really would.
Snow: Red… is this your first time with a woman? (Pause.) Oh, Red! You didn’t tell me!
Red: Mary… just kiss me.

AU in which Snow (disguised as Mary) seduces Red.

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This picture that Meghan Ory tweeted makes me curious.  She’s wearing old Red’s outfit.  I mean old Red as in “Red before she became badass and accepting of her lycanthropy”.  Because if you notice, new Red (badass Red) wears a less intricate cloak and fancier clothes.  In this pic, her hair is done up like old Red’s and she’s wearing that dress from Red-Handed.  Soooo, does that mean we’re going to discover what happened between Snow and Red after Peter died?  Because I want to know, man!  Snow and Red are my favorite female characters and I love their friendship.  

I also want to know what happened to the pretty cloak old Red wore, because her new one just isn’t as cool.  

#But thanks to fanfics #I’ll expect them to find a cabin or something #And fall in love

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How To Be Brave – Chapter One [Red Snow] 

Read it on LJ here and FF here


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