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elementary + name meanings

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[x] Science!


[x] Science!

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Jennifer Hale Should Go

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Now every time I’ll preheat an oven I’ll think about Mary Louise Parker

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Baby sloth Grace

this happens more than you think

I like how the lady just sorta stays crouched over like 

"where the fuck did I go wrong"

You know your post has broken the walls of the fandom when someone refers to your leader as
"the lady"
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Favorite Mass Effect Moments ✖︎ "I should go."

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You see people like puzzles, I see them as games. You’re a game that I will always win.

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Katara appreciation time:

  • Can we talk about how she learned all her water-bending mostly by herself?
  • Can we talk about her never ending ingenuity throughout the series?
  • Can we talk about how she is only 14 and was able to defeat both a fire master (Azula) and a water master (Hama)?
  • Can we talk about her pity towards the man who killed her mother?
  • Can we talk about how she never stopped caring for her friends and family even in the worst situations?
Say what you want about Katara, but she is the best role model/friend you could have had in the entire series. She had always kept it together even when she lost her mother and when Aang had his issues.

Can we also talk about how she can be both entirely vicious and entirely compassionate almost at the same time

Wait, who talks shit about Katara? Seriously, fight me, because she’s is such a fantastic character. She’s one of the most skilled and creative waterbenders we see. She makes hard choices that no one should have to make, let alone a teenager. She’ll bloodbend someone who is threatening her friend, she’ll impersonate an avenging spirit to do what’s right, she’ll trap a borderline psychotic firebender nonviolently, and she’ll walk into a raging dust storm to bring Aang out of a potential Avatar State rage.

Team Avatar had some brilliant, incredible relationships on display, and Katara was at the heart of a lot of them.

Katara is the definition of boss ass bitch

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★ adventure queers ★ 


 adventure queers  

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One Myka Bering set per episode Ѽ Breakdown

 look at myka. look at my brotpI’m not just upset about the idea of pyka because I ship bering and wellsI knew they weren’t gonna make that canon. I’m used to that with my ships. but this friendship man!I love their friendship. I love that a woman and a man can star in a show and just be friends and be there for each other and supportive andpyka ruins it. making it romantic says ‘oh it’s only this wonderful of a relationship because it’s romantic.’it’s again saying romantic relationships are inherently stronger or more important than platonic onesand I’m fucking sick of that messag (gigi2690)

THIS. I’m mad about the idea of Pyka because Warehouse was such a smart, sneakily subversive show. It was a show about found family, and about how people you never expect can fill the holes in your heart. For 3 seasons we had a male and female lead with NO UST. We had two professionals (well I use the term loosely with Pete) who cared about each other and supported each other and did all because they were family, and not because they wanted to bang. That is a RARE thing on US television today. Because god forbid we have complex relationships between men and women that don’t involve sex. 

I’m not mad because I don’t ship Pyka I’m mad because Warehouse 13 used to be smarter than this and I absolutely blame Syfy who has no fucking clue who their audiences are and how smart they (generally) are. 

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How do clients typically introduce you?

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finale countdown gifset per episode

↳ 1.02 Resonance

#Pete was goddamn flawless in this episode #this FBI agent comes in all spreading gossip about Myka having an affair with a married man back in Denver #and Pete ‘Loyal as Fuck’ Lattimer is basically like ‘soooooooo not my business’ #and doesn’t for one second treat Myka any differently after hearing such gossip #not for one goddamn second #he simply carries on showing concern for her family troubles and popping up with his typical shit of ‘You touched her boobies?’ #fucking goddamn HOW MUCH DO I LOVE PETE?????? #(it’s a lot) #(a lot a lot) #Pete Lattimer #Warehouse 13 #AND THAT GOSSIP IS SERIOUSLY NEVER BROUGHT UP AGAIN UNTIL PAST IMPERFECT WHEN IT BECOMES RELEVANT #AND HE ONLY BRINGS IT UP BECAUSE MYKA’S ABOUT TO TELL HIM AND HE THINKS IT MIGHT MAKE HER UNCOMFORTABLE AND IS TRYING TO SAVE HER THE TROUBL #*TROUBLE #GOD FUCKING DAMMIT EVERY MALE CHARACTER SHOULD STRIVE TO BE PETE LATTIMER #JESUS

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