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In high school I was voted most likely to be a mental patient, hill-billy or chimpanzee.

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my body is a cage
that keeps me from dancing
with the one I love
but my mind holds the key

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yes, he cares about me.”  |  1.01 → 8.19

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FILED UNDER: I have spent a massive portion of my existence wanting to BE Gregory House  seriously  even with all the baggage  and the pain  I just idolise him completely  I've got the asshole bit down  I obviously just need a motorcycle  then beautiful doctors will fall in love with me  House MD  Gregory House  Allison Cameron  Queued  


cameron <3

FILED UNDER: sweet mary mother of emma  Look at that flawless face!  by this point in the series though you can see how much she's been affected by house  and the hospital  how it's aged her  and made her old beyond her years  it's kinda sucked out her innocence  allison cameron  Jennifer Morrison  house md  Queued  

“Ultimately, it’s House making a sacrifice — and yet not making a sacrifice. It’s House being with the person he should be with, in some ways. It’s not too sweet because it’s Wilson dying and House screwing everything up — and yet it’s Wilson and House riding into the sunset.” ”It’s just House again assessing, “What’s important here? And what do I need to do to achieve that?” -David Shore

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House MD - 177 Episodes in 7 minutes (by NCISmelanie)

8 Years of amazing television. Right there.

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FILED UNDER: okay remove house  not that I want to  I idolise that man  but remove him  and replace with Lana  and BOOM  Swan Queen  you've even got an apple for good measure  House MD  Jennifer Morrison  Hugh Laurie  Queued  

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From House with Love

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