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Sorry I’m late.

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[screencaps from fuckyeshermajesty]

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consign me not to darkness; (by XBadWolfProductionsX)

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When Leopold first married Regina the guards stationed outside her chambers would hear her cry herself to sleep every night. She would often call out for a “Daniel” in her sleep. Regina always treated the guards kindly and overtime that could see their Queen slowly begin to change. When Leopold died the guards were more then happy to continue to protect Regina for only them knew what was really going on inside her head.



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I told you once you didn’t look like her. But now? Now I can see it.

You know I wanted to bitchslap Gold here.

Yes, he said, it’s all up to her, if she will eventually become like her mother.

Do you know how much it can wear someone down to fight against the darkness that was dormant inside of you?

But you fucking goaded her every step of the way. She wanted to leave and you curtailed that and enabled her.

Because you needed her to do your dirty work for you.

So that when it all falls apart, she will be the one to take all the blame.

Tell me, why again do you still have people wanting to aid your redemption and Regina has to do it on her own?

Show, you need to fix that message.

I see the point of the above, but I’m pretty sure that’s what the writers are going for.

Of course he goaded her, of course he manipulated her into the twisted evil she is today so he could have her do his dirty work.

At this point it’s obvious we’re SUPPOSED to be feeling for Regina now, we see how she has been hardened over years of abuse and pain, that she isn’t the soulless evil queen we all knew from the fairy tales  Her evil was created, and her creation was partly the doing of Rumpelstiltskin, and particularly after this episode its becoming obvious that when this all comes to a head it’s not going to be Regina who is the dominant villain to defeat. 

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NEW OUAT PROMO: “The Witch is Back”

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As Kitsis notes, she helped save Henry’s life when she knew it could mean the end of her curse. “For the first time, the Evil Queen made the right choice,” he said. [x]

She killed her father to enact the curse. And then she basically helped sacrifice the curse to save her son. The curse wasn’t just revenge, it was a new life. She  risked it all for her son. She.loves.that.boy. And that’s the difference between her love for her father and for her son.

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Regina Mills/Evil Queen challenge

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