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“Oh! How do you-“
“Wolf thing.”

“Oh! How do you-“

“Wolf thing.”

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let’s please take note of the difference between 





and this


ok bye

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“She says she goes to the diner to eat new things, but truly, food is nothing but an excuse”

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Based on this flawlessness.

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Love in the strangest of places (1/?) 


Twist on the season finale. What if Belle hadn’t been told to find Rumpel? What if she’d been instructed to find Emma? What if Belle was Emma’s true love? Red Beauty ship. 

Full details here:

Pairing(s): Swan Beauty (Emma/Belle), Red Snow (Red/Snow). 

“Hello?” Belle called tentatively as she stepped into the shop. “Is anybody here?” she glanced around and spotted a curtain which obviously lead to the back room. She cautiously walked over to it and stepped inside the back room. She found a blonde woman standing in the room, her back facing the door. Not wanting to startle her, Belle took a couple of steps forward. “Excuse me?”

Emma turned around at the sound of the voice. She was surprised to find someone she didn’t recognize standing behind her. She had been under the impression that she knew of everyone in Storybrooke. It was a small town after all. She took in the girl’s tattered appearance with a furrowed brow. “Can I help you?”

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