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Braden Summers traveled to six different countries to prove that no matter where you are, love is equal.


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Another little B&W drabble. 


This one, decidedly absent of angst. Well, mostly. It’s angst-lite, I promise. That being said, I don’t actually know what this is other than me trying desperately to fend off Block with nothing more than a spoon and a song. 

Fluff, ridiculous fluff, with a dash of angst, and maybe even a child or two. I guess it can be considered part of that AU I still need to finish. ;)

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“The stone began to crack and quiver, falling away piece by piece until the woman who had slept away a hundred years of heartache stood as flesh and bone once more.”

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Yup because this needed to be giffed too because this was a beautiful moment. The way Henry stayed in that moment with her even after Emma walked in. He just stayed there with Regina, eyes closed, hugging her tightly, not caring about the family reunion happening two feet away. Then you can see Regina rubbing his back in the first gif in that very sweet motherly way. It looks like a mother holding her baby boy and soothing him to sleep after he’d been crying. And the way she is looking at him in the second gif in such a loving and doting way. It really is like it’s only these two in this moment. Nothing else around them is happening.

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Mary Lambert)

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M83- Outro

I’m IN LOVE with this song at the moment.

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Neil Armstrong: A giant among men. (x)

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OUAT meme | ten characters
Red / Ruby [1/10]
“When there’s something I want, I’m good at tracking it down.” 

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Love in the strangest of places (1/?) 


Twist on the season finale. What if Belle hadn’t been told to find Rumpel? What if she’d been instructed to find Emma? What if Belle was Emma’s true love? Red Beauty ship. 

Full details here:

Pairing(s): Swan Beauty (Emma/Belle), Red Snow (Red/Snow). 

“Hello?” Belle called tentatively as she stepped into the shop. “Is anybody here?” she glanced around and spotted a curtain which obviously lead to the back room. She cautiously walked over to it and stepped inside the back room. She found a blonde woman standing in the room, her back facing the door. Not wanting to startle her, Belle took a couple of steps forward. “Excuse me?”

Emma turned around at the sound of the voice. She was surprised to find someone she didn’t recognize standing behind her. She had been under the impression that she knew of everyone in Storybrooke. It was a small town after all. She took in the girl’s tattered appearance with a furrowed brow. “Can I help you?”

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First love or true love? (2/2) 


So here’s part 2 of ‘First love or true love?’. I’m pretty sure it wraps everything up pretty well but I left room for a sequel. I’m thinking a one shot about the awkwardness between Red/Emma/Snow or a follow up to what possibly happened with Emma and Regina (I didn’t elaborate after all. Not that I’m saying that anything did happen. Just that if I want to go there in a sequel, I could).

But anyway…I hope you guys like it!

Part 2

Snow walked through the front door only to pause two steps into the apartment at the sight of Red curled up in the corner of the couch, her nose buried in a familiar looking red jacket. Snow took her coat off before cautiously approaching.


Red glanced up and Snow noted her tearstained eyes. “Snow.”

“What happened?” Snow asked, taking a seat next to her friend on the couch. “Where’s Emma?”

“I told her.” Red murmured into the jacket she was clutching to her chest.

“Told her what?”

“About us. About how I felt about you…feel about you.” Red answered quietly.

“Oh Red.”

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